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      Dry Bags


      All of our bags include a second layer of protection . Our ziplock enclosure ensures whatever is meant to stay dry, stays dry.


      With an abundance of dry bags to choose from, we stand out with our high end product line for the cost. We started Jaks because we were just like you, looking for a durable long lasting dry bag that didn't take funds away from my adventure.


      Looking for a lifetime guarantee, reliable customer service and insanely fast shipping? look no further. we put you first in every situation.

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      This was my 2nd purchase of this bag. The first one lasted me 2 years, of very heavy use. I've tried a few other ones, but none have compared to this bag. I highly recommend all sizes of these bags.

      Why choose a dry bag?

      What to Keep in a Dry Bag

      Anything critical to keep dry and safe. I keep my camera and cell phone because I don’t want to take a chance of damaging them if they get wet. As well as dry socks and a change of clothes. Some dry bags have outside compartments to keep smaller items. This is convenient when you need to know where something is like keys, sunscreen and lip balm.

      How to Pack a Dry Bag

      Heavier gear you’re not going to be using much should go on the bottom. If you have a light windbreaker or a camera you’ll be pulling out often should be on top. Do be aware if you have sensitive items on the bottom that can break, such as a camera, set your dry bag down gently, not to damage them.

      What Size Dry Bag Do I Need?


      This size is a sweet spot for most people. We’ve been selling dry bags for a few years now, and this is by far the most popular size (in color black if you’re curious). It’s still small enough to strap on your backpack as well as rolling up 2 in your backpack. With this size, you can easily keep a few phones, wallet, keys, and other necessities or bring along your camera.

      If you’re not sure about what size you’re going to need when first picking out a dry bag I recommend 5 liters. Even if it turns out that the size is too small and you need a bigger bag, it will still be easy to find a use for a 5 liter dry bag.


      Big but not too big. Stuff your overnight clothes as well as your larger camera in here. I always roll up a light windbreaker to wear after I set up camp, so it’s crucial that it stays dry. With 5 liters, there will be plenty of room for some daily luxuries.

      At this size, it makes an excellent day bag to go with you when you’re exploring, and you don’t want to carry your heavy hiking backpack.


      This is the size of a school backpack. You can see all the gear that fits inside, and a sleeping bag can also be comfortably stuffed inside a 20 liter dry bag as well. Sleeping in a wet bag all night sounds like a horrible way to freeze so ensuring it stays dry no matter what is a must. With 2 and 5 liters, a shoulder strap isn’t completely necessary although its included, but a large 20 liters dry bag it’s a must-have. Ours even has 2 straps to act as a backpack!


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