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Happy Kayaker

We ordered a large waterproof bag for clothing, snacks & larger items and a smaller waterproof bag for cell phone, keys, and smaller items. Haven't had the chance to use yet, but they are attractive and appear to be made from high quality materials.

Great gift

The recipients are thrilled to use these. They are all adventurers and they will be put to use. They are great stocking stuffers.

Great bag!

Worth the money! Took this bag with us multiple times to the beach and fit everything we needed to bring. Loved that no sand got in our stuff. Perfect bag at such an affordable price!

Thank you for your kind words - We are thrilled to hear you love our products! Happy Exploring!

High quality at a fraction of the price

Super high quality build material. I use this bag when ever we go hiking. We can fit a change of clothes, our phones, water, and camera with room to spare! We cross shopped other products and nothing came close to this quality, especially at such an affordable price. I keep a spare one in my 4Runner! 10/10

Thank you for your kind words - We are glad our bag has fulfilled your standards and provides you peace of mind when protecting your belongings!

Great durable product!

Stumbled upon this bag at a trade show. Excellent durability, spacious and looks expensive! Great price and excellent customer service!!

We are glad after deliberation, you decided it was our bag you wanted! Thrilled to hear! Enjoy it :)

Outstanding customer service and devotion

I ordered one of Jaks dry bags which, unfortunately, was defective (the shoulder strap attachment detached during routine use). I was disappointed, as I really liked the bag and hadn't subjected the product to any significant strain. I wrote an associated review and almost immediately heard back from Jaks. Their representative was marvelously courteous and helpful. They replaced the pack right away (and actually even upgraded my original purchase). The new pack is outstanding - no issues. It seems clear that the defect associated with the original pack I purchased was an isolated event. I am delighted with Jaks' handling of my situation and highly recommend this company and their products!

At jaks- reviews like this are important, but you being a happy, satisfied customer comes first. Thank you for your kind words, We hope you have many years of enjoyment with our bag!

Until next time! happy exploring!

Nomad 45L Waterproof Backpack


I love finding up and coming companies that make incredible products at affordable prices. This feels and functions like a higher end outdoor bag. Well made!


How is this not $200????. This bag replaced 3 of my dry bags. Its a beast.

incredible value

This bag is HUGE, although on the heavy side when packed full, its more than enough for a weekend trek, the padded back rest makes it enjoyable to carry.

Medium Dry Bags ( 5L )
Steve Johnston
JAKS Medium Dry BAG

Just wrapped up a 125 mile canoe trip on the Ohio River Way - Cincinnati to Louisville and the medium bag was the perfect dry bag for the gear I needed to keep on the boat. The interior pocket was great for separating the couple of things I needed for quick access.

Very happy to hear our products lasted on such a long journey! We appreciate you trusting us with your belongings!

Until next time Steve!

all is good

Daylite Dry Pack 35L
Jeffrey Chesser
Great quality

So far haven’t been able to put it through the elements yet but overall great quality and the size is deceiving. Love the yellow


I finally got to take my new pack out on the water this past weekend and it worked great! Went paddle boarding for 5 hours, water splashed onto the bag multiple times and even pooled on top at times but nothing inside got wet. I was able to pack out all my items and not have to worry about them getting soaked. The straps are comfortable and the bag clipped onto the front of my board with ease. The front pouch fit my insulated water bottle nicely and the side holder allowed me to keep sunscreen near me for the hot 115 degree day. I recommended this bag to my friends that weekend and coworkers when I got to work today. I cant wait to try it this winter during the rainy season. Great value for the price!

Daylite Dry Pack 35L
Martin DeVoogd

Love it, I use it for everything…beach, car shows, it’s my go to…thanx guys!!!!

Great product

Works Great

Purchase this case to protect my new S21 Ultra while on the lake and it fits and works great.

I love these bags

This was my 2nd purchase of this bag. The first one lasted me 2 years, of very heavy use. I've tried a few other ones, but none have compared to this bag. I highly recommend all sizes of these bags.

Nice Find ✔️

I go canyoneering and finding a good dry bag can be really pricy. I had a friend who had one of these bags and recommended them to me. I've only gotten to take it on one trip so far but I really liked the bag. It has a good back and straps for longer hikes in. And I can easily clip ropes to the top of the bag. I appreciate how light it is and how much stuff I can fit inside if I need to. Not to mention the bag is much cheaper then other companies and does as advertised, if not better.

Unbelievable Value

Very good quality, I own a small store and have sold bags for many years, This is the first time ive encountered this quality for the price. I would act fast if I were you because I predict Jaks raising prices as they grow!!


Let me begin by saying you can have the greatest product in the world but if your customer service is lacking and then all bets are off. This is my fifth bag. I’m a scuba diving instructor and also spend a lot of time on my sailboat therefore I need top quality bags to keep my clothes and equipment clean and dry. I’ve used other bags in the past but find Jaks the best that I’ve ever owned. I had a small problem with one of the straps and mentioned it to Jake, one of the cofounders of the company. Not only was he apologetic about the problem but I received two more straps the next day in the mail! Again, great product backed up by great customer service!

Jaks “Coral Reef” Floating Waterproof Phone Case

Daylite Dry Pack 35L
Todd Estabrook
Great Bag

I picked up this pack as an option for carrying items on my motorcycle. I have an open basket on the back and wanted a waterproof option that would also allow me to sling it over my shoulder. I purchased this item in June and have used it almost every single day since then. What can I say about it? I love it. The seams and bonding are very sturdy with no sign of stress or separating. The material is thick enough to contain a multitude of items from groceries, to a laptop, to a Timbuk2 messenger bag. I highly recommend it. I'd give it 6 stars if I could.

This bag is exactly what I was looking for, waterproof! It very spacious and has a pocket in the inside and outside for easy access. The straps are very comfortable. Used it on a trip to the beach and packed three beach towels, beach blanket, portable speaker (JBL Flip 4), set of clothes, hat and many more other accessories with space to spare. The straps are extremely comfortable very well padded so you don't feel the so much weight. The material is very good and sturdy I also did a water test. When leaving the beach I took it by the exit showers and rinsed off all the sand by holding right under the shower. Opened the bag when done completely dry. Highly recommended if in need of a true waterproof backpack.


We travelled all over Costa Rica for our trip. From Monteverde down the coast to the more remote Drake Bay/Corcovado area.During our travels from Sierpe to Drake Bay you take a bumpy, windy, wet 45 minutes on an open topped boat through the wetlands and around into the bay. We boarded with tourists and locals. Most tourists were lugging on large canvas roller bags while locals carried the bare necessities in non water proof packs. I was going to upload an picture where you can see my bag resting at my feet in the boat to Drake Bay but couldnt seem to find it. Everyone's bag sloshed around in several inches of water for the entire 45 minute boat ride. When we arrived there were no docks to pull up to. You literally jump out of the boat into waist deep water and the captains toss you your bags. Several tourists on the boat with us were visibly upset when they were handed their large, wet and now extremely heavy canvas roller bags. My son and I grabbed our bags, put them on our backs and jumped out of the boat into the water and easily hiked up to our hostel. No struggling with canvas rollers along muddy dirt roads. When we arrived, our contents were bone dry and we were able to pull out fresh dry towels and dry pajamas!Helpful tips: 1) Because this bag is basically one large container we were REALLY glad to have purchased packing cubes. The black mesh packing cubes kept my various packed items separate and made it easier to grab one item out without having to refold everything each time. 2) I carried a first aid kit with us which was kept in a hard sided plastic waterproof container. This was totally unnecessary as the bag was completely waterproof during our entire 2 week trip- I could have just gone with a plastic bag and saved the weight and space.The one con: We did a lot of walking and heavy duty hiking with these bags on our backs. I do wish that the bag had a hip belt system. The shoulder straps were padded enough for our liking and the straps were pretty comfortable. The bags are big enough to be heavy when filled with our stuff and a hip belt would have been helpful for those longer hikes to redistribute some of that weight.

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